How many inches is my laptop


When you are looking for a new laptop bag, it is also nice to know for sure how big your laptop is. This way you can be sure that the laptop fits properly in your new laptop bag and that the bag provides optimal protection for your laptop. If the laptop bag is too large, there is a greater chance of damage to the laptop. But how do you properly measure the size of your laptop? The best-selling laptops are 15.6 inches or 17.3 inches. You can also see this in the Plevier Business Bags range. But is your laptop also this size? You already have laptops from 10 inches. Measuring your laptop works as follows:


Close your laptop and use a measuring tape. Accurately measure the diagonal of your laptop. This can simply be done in centimeters. Make sure that you do not just measure the screen, but that you also include the diagonal (from corner to corner) of the entire laptop. Many laptops have a thicker border around the screen. When you measure the entire laptop, you can be sure that your laptop will fit properly in the new leather laptop bag. Once you have measured the size, it is time to convert it to inches. This is not difficult. 1 inch = 2.54 centimeters.

When you divide the size of the laptop in centimeters by 2.54, you arrive at the number of inches of your laptop.


Now that you know the size of your laptop for sure, the fun part comes: choosing a new laptop bag! When you choose a leather laptop bag from Plevier, you go for quality. A leather laptop bag is sturdy and durable. Plevier uses the highest quality leather. This makes the laptop bag more and more beautiful and offers very good protection. In addition, a leather laptop bag is very stylish and practical. In addition to a padded laptop compartment, Plevier laptop bags have several functional compartments, giving you enough space to store cables, adapter, business cards, USB stick, pens, telephone and other documents. Each bag also contains a removable leather Plevier key ring and a number of women's bags are equipped with a removable laptop compartment. This makes the bag suitable for use both at work/school and during your free time. When you buy a Plevier bag for your laptop, you are assured of years of enjoyment. Whatever style you are looking for, there is always a suitable bag at Plevier.

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