If you have opted for a leather bag, it is important to maintain it well, because it is a natural product. Plevier bags are made of high-quality leather and only become more beautiful with use. A leather bag is durable and a beautiful and smart investment and you naturally want to enjoy it for as long as possible! A leather bag is not difficult to maintain, but it is important to know how to protect your favorite leather bag. Curious how your leather bag can last even longer and how you can protect it? Then read on!


Make sure you spray the bag with a dirt- and water-repellent spray immediately after you have purchased or received it. Repeat this at 20 minute intervals, three times. This way you put a good layer on the leather, so that it can withstand it for a long time. Repeat this every two months and in between after a heavy rain shower. Leather is sensitive to heat and dryness. Therefore, never place your bag next to a heater or stove and do not place it directly in the sun. This can cause the leather bag to dry out. Did your bag get dirty? Carefully wipe the bag with a dry or slightly damp cloth. This keeps the bag clean. Never clean the leather bag with a lot of water or cleaning agent. This is too persistent and can actually damage the leather bag! Cleaning away a stain with a slightly damp cloth is no problem, a leather bag can withstand a lot. There are various products on the market to take good care of your leather bag. Make sure that you use the correct maintenance product that suits the type of leather of the bag. This extra care gives the bag better protection against moisture, stains and heat. You also hydrate the bag so that it does not dry out. Dry leather damages more quickly than supple leather. A leather bag is super easy to use and maintain. If you give the bag a little extra love, the leather bag will last a very long time and will only become more beautiful. Plevier has beautiful leather men's business bags, leather women's business bags, leather briefcases, leather laptop sleeves and leather laptop bags. Any questions? Please feel free to contact our customer service. We are happy to help you find an ideal Plevier leather bag.

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